Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but no one else knows. “

– Steuar Henderson Britt

What do you get?

We use Sony cameras and lenses for shooting. DJI brand drones secure us from the air. We use the most powerful computers of 2022 for post-production, thanks to which we are able to use graphically demanding effects and quickly deliver the ordered video.

4K video resolution is today’s trend. We keep up with the times, so your videos will be high quality and detailed to the last pixel.

Aerial footage will bring a different atmosphere to the video. We have all the necessary documents to pilot the drones.

“Color grading” is a very effective method of improving the overall picture and giving the viewer an even stronger feeling that the product or service is perfect for him.

We approach each client individually as needed. We will make the final video on a turnkey basis to the client’s satisfaction.

We offer companies a comprehensive solution, from the first meeting, where we plan the promotion, to the actual implementation.

We will put licensed music in promotional videos. Youtube and other channels should not block promotion.

We use licensed music in our videos. Social networks will block your ad.

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